Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage

A tantra massage is an energizing full body massage that’s not so much about sexuality and sexual contact as it is about sensuality and channeling a more passionate and spiritual connection. Tantra originally comes from the ancient Indian religion and beliefs in meditation and rituals for the purposes of wellbeing and healing. It’s purposes go beyond physical touch and feel and relaxation, and move into the realm of multi-faceted healing and growth of the human body, mind, spirit and soul. The healing that each person carries in them is released when the skin to skin contact is made with specific intention. Whatever that intention is, it is carried out throughout the session and should be continually meditated upon.

What is Tantra Massage?

The purpose of a tantric massage is for the masseuse to build up energy all over the body that will be responsible for physical, spiritual and sexual healing and is just as sensual to receive as it is to give. It soothes aches and reduces pain as well as heightens the senses while relaxing the body. When performed between partners, it strengthens the bond between them creating a more intimate connection. Tantra really is about the balance of all aspects of one’s life and a deep spiritual connection to the weave of time, space and life in which we all exist. With just a few simple touches, you can manifest in your partner the will to heal, move on, transform and grow in all facets of life. Contrary to popular belief, tantra massage is not simply about sexual contact, it is about transcending many barriers all at once using soothing motion and human connection. The experience is always deeply motivational and uniquely refreshing.

How does it work?

The masseuse’s job is to use slow, deliberate and languid movements to caress and massage the recipient’s body. Warming oils are especially good for this kind of massage, because the whole point is to achieve spiritual awareness, physical relaxation and heighten your sensuality. As you caress your partner, it is important to make sure that you cover all parts of their body, from their forehead to the soles of the feet. A tantric massage would be a full-body massage, usually with no clothes on if it is conducted in closed quarters, so that the masseuse has unfettered access to their partner’s body. Full contact is absolutely crucial in order to make the best of the erotic massage.

Tantra Tips and Tricks

A good way to determine if you are relieving them of physical strain will be watching out for their involuntary body language. Whether they sigh lightly or even moan, it is often a sign of deep relief or pleasure. If it’s you and your partner trying your hand at the tantric massage, you can choose to stay in silence or murmur words of love and reassurance to one another to further intensify the moment. Apart from the recipient being naked, it might also help if the masseuse is too as it encourages more skin to skin contact which can be pleasurable for both parties.

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