Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage London

Lingam massage is a part of the ancient concept of Tantra. In Sanskrit, a very old language in India, it means “wand of light”. In English it simply means the male genitals. Therefore lingam massage is a massage of the genitalia, and is to men as yoni massage is to women. Believe it or not, ejaculation is not the goal of this type of massage because this tantra technique can actually give a man an orgasm or orgasms without the necessity of ejaculation. However, it is a usual and expected result, and is considered a wonderful side effect of this professional though scintillating massage

There are more benefits in addition to the obvious one of sexual pleasure. For one, it can teach you to practice more control of your sexual appetite and energy, thereby also curing problems concerning untimely ejaculation. It can also help and enhance performance through improving the blood circulation. It is also known to relieve tiredness and overcome sadness but overall it can be a great way to heal a range of sexual problems that may develop as one gets older.

Lingam Massage is the true Holistic approach

Lingam massage should be regarded as an alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Or it could quite simply be for your own personal pleasure. Many people try this erotic massage therapy as alternative therapy such as a lingam massage in London can be a much better way of approaching dealing with some sexual issues than people that go straight for medication. The holistic approach is much safer in that it doesn’t have any adverse side effects and is more a natural approach and something that is very common in tantra teachings

This can be a great confidence boosting massage therapy for a lot of guys and in the main a terrific way to relax as with many other massage therapies.

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