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Erotic Massage in London

Erotic massage simply put, is the application of massage techniques on another person through the erogenous zones which incite sexual arousal. It is a form of sensual massage, and uses aroma oils made from herbal ingredients that promote health and wellbeing. Erotic and sensual massage have been used synonymously, but they are different.

Sensual massage laid-back and passive. It is carried out slowly, with the intent of slowing down time to enjoy the pleasures longer. The line between the receiver and the giver is more pronounced, with the roles far more defined. Sensual massage has boundaries when it comes to the participation of the receiver, who should strictly be a receiver only, in order to do justice to this type of massage.

Erotic massage on the other hand, allows for more freedom for the receiver. With the giver acting as a guide, the receiver can venture into exploring and is allowed to touch the therapist performing the massage who is usually nude to achieve the desired results. There are massage establishments that offer sexual services in connection with an erotic massage, but there are also serious and legitimate ones which do offer professional services without the need for penetration. This massage category has health and psychological benefits and can be considered in some ways as a form of physical therapy as libido is part of a person’s physicality.

Enter a world like no other with us and be blown away long after your session has ended, just thinking about it. Join us today for the perfect erotic massage in London in the company of London’s most stunning masseuses be it for an incall massage at one of our London massage parlours or as an outcall massage where you experience the joys of erotic massage in the comfort of your own home or residence in London.

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