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Adult Massage London

Everyone at some point has most likely had a massage, whether it’s a foot massage, a sexy erotic massage, or a full body massage. Whichever you’ve had, it’s safe to say that massages are soothing and relaxing experiences but you haven’t experienced the best of a massage until you’ve had an adult massage.

What is adult massage?

An adult massage sounds just like the name, it’s a sensual, naughty yet exciting and completely pleasurable experience. At Paradise massage parlour in London you can have the best adult massage that you’ve ever had in your life. There’s nothing quite as sexy and enticing as your masseuse oiling up their hands then caressing and kneading you all over giving you the ultimate sensual experience.

What does it entail?

An adult massage is different from a massage because of the added components of sexuality, sensuality and an erotic dimension to a normally bland massage. Your masseuse can dress up in anything you consider as enticing and massage you until you are completely in bliss. Dirty and naughty talk can also add to your enjoyment.

Just how good is adult massage therapy?

Many people who’ve indulged themselves and experienced an adult massage know the electrifying feel of warm sensual hands on their bodies. All your senses are heightened in the moment and a good way to get your body responding to the relaxing stimulation is to use oils. Body and massage oils let your partner’s hands glide easier over you and if it has warming properties then you’ll be toasty warm and even hot in no time at all. If you prefer the cool to the heat you can also try cooling massage oils and gels and experience the difference.

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