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Foot massages, full body massages, the sexiest of erotic massages…everyone, at some point, has most likely had someone apply pressure to their body that has been sensual, soothing, and somewhat therapeutic. Regardless of the massages you’ve had in your past, it’s time to focus on the massages you can have in your future. For example, here at Paradise massage London, we offer a number of massages to fit every want or need while providing you with an experience that will leave you relaxed and radiant. We truly believe you haven’t experienced the best of a massage until you’ve had an adult massage here at Paradise Massage London.

What is adult massage?

An adult massage is likely exactly what you’re thinking right this moment plus more. It’s an experience that hones in on your sensitivities to create a sensual activity that is part part pleasure, part excitement, and part pure bliss. At Paradise massage parlour in London, you can have the best adult massage that you’ve ever had in your life. There’s nothing quite as sexy or enticing as one of our beautiful masseuses oiling up their hands then caressing every corner of your body slowly and with a subtle force that leaves you in awe of the power of human contact. Their hands will knead you all over your body, heightening every single nerve in your body to make sure you are getting the ultimate experience full of sensuality, care, and most importantly, a sense of release from your pain or emotional turbulence. Our goal is that every time you leave, you feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and that you can return to the world with a positive outlook to fuel the days ahead with happiness and a type of vigor that will keep you feeling accomplished and prepared for whatever life may throw at you.

What does it entail?

An adult massage is different from a massage. Here’s why: We offer connection. With a normal massage, someone presses on your back for the allotted amount of time, and it no doubt feels good. However, there’s always something kind of missing. With one of our erotic massages, you’re offered and experience that is built on the idea that connecting with the masseuse on a physical and emotional level allows you to fully relax and let go of any worries your body is holding onto. Every massage is laced with delicacy, tastefulness, sensuality, and a level of eroticness that will leave you begging for more. We always aim to please, especially our masseuses. Because of this want to make your experience as enticing as possible, you may make requests that your masseuse dress anyway in anything you consider enticing. She will then proceed to take her delicate hands to massage your body with a certain firmness until you are in a state of pure bliss. We also encourage you request our masseuses partake in dirty or naughty talk to heighten your experience and show you next level enjoyment. Every one of our masseuses is trained in creating both an environment and an experience where you feel completely free of judgement, burdens, and pain. Our job is always to make you are the star and bring you both enjoyment and pleasure while gifting you with a refreshed version of yourself that will approach the future with a clear mind and a thirst for something new and exciting.

Just how good is adult massage therapy?

Many people who’ve indulged themselves and experienced an adult massage know the electrifying feeling of warm, sensual fingers tracing their bodies. Every single one of your senses is heightened during the massage and a fantastic way to get your body to respond even better to the relaxing stimulation is to use oils. There are a number of benefits of using oil both physically and mentally. Body and massage oils let your partner’s hands glide easier over you. Some of oils even have warming properties that will allow your entire body to be engulfed in a sexy warmness that will leave you feeling hot (in more than one way) in no time at all. Additionally, if you prefer the coolness over the heat you can also try cooling massage oils and gels to experience that cooling tingling that leaves your entire body feeling refreshed. It’s important to remember that our oils are also considered aromatherapy, and some of the smells we offer are thought to be aromatic and therapeutic, helping your mind slip into a state capable of freeing yourself from the burdens of everyday life.

For more information about what we can offer you, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also find descriptions of our other services throughout our website. We would love to see you soon.

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