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Paradise Tantric Massage London

Whether you want to indulge yourself in a luxurious, erotic private massage, simply relax and unwind from a stressful day, or just to try something new and exhilarating, VIP Tantric Massage London is the only experience you’ll need.

Get ready for the best one of a kind massage experience you’ll have. Paradise Tantric Massage is the most prestigious tantric massage agency in West and Central London, and our prestigious service is just one call away.

What Adult Masssage we offer

Tired of the same old boring massages? Our core massage is tantric, but will sensual massages such as nuru and nude massage as well.
Tantra massage is a collection of massage techniques and elements that can be used to relax, renew, and revitalize the mind, body, and soul. It was derived from some of the beliefs of Tantra, which is a Buddhist and Hinduist term meaning “sewn together”. This led to a holistic approach in massage, where not only the physical health is treated, but also the spiritual, mental, and sexual health as well.

The sensual touches involved in the experience can even be used as a form of sexual therapy. In some places, tantric massage is even used to help with premature ejaculation, as the heightened arousal combined with deep relaxation can shatter many sexual issues between couples and individuals. As such, Paradise Tantric Massage London can be enjoyed alone or as a pair.

But don’t let the sensual nature of this massage fool you — tantric massage is still a technique used to treat a host of physical and sexual ailments. Tantra massage has been around since the 1980s, and is practised in several countries, including Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, among others.

This massage is different from most others, as it encourages participants to lose their inhibitions while still maintaining control. It’s a unique mix of relaxation and arousal. While it is a thoroughly sensual massage, nothing about it is sexually explicit, and if experienced by couples or partners, it can even strengthen their emotional and sexual relationships.

Has this piqued your interest yet? Wait until you see what our massages have in store for you…

The Tantric Massage London Experience

Sensual. Calming. Invigorating. Our sexy massage will bring you to new heights. Surrender yourself completely to the experience and you’ll find yourself in a new world of bliss and pleasure. Is stress hindering you from igniting the flames of lust? Or perhaps you desire to reawaken the passions of youth? Try one of our adult massages and be instantly renewed.

In fact, our tantric massage is incredibly popular with individuals who want to spice up their romantic and sexual lives. To many, experiencing an arousing sensual massage without going through actual orgasmic release leads up to a heightened sexual encounter with their partners. If you’re one of those who are looking to shake things up in the bedroom, try our tantric massage London services and watch your nights sizzle.

Why not try our tantric massage with your special someone? A night with our erotic masseuses is sure to set the mood for the rest of the night.

The Nuru Massage Experience

Perhaps you’d like to try something fun, relaxing, yet satisfyingly erotic? Our sexy Nuru massage is just for you. Nuru is a Japanese massage where at least one masseuse will rub their lithe, supple bodies against yours… after you are all nude and slick with oil. The massage oil or nuru gel used is tasteless and odourless so as not to distract you from the unparalleled feeling of naked skin gliding against naked skin.

Having nude masseuses rub their bodies against yours means you get to have the widest or largest physical contact in a massage ever. Unlike simple massages where the masseuse will only use her hands or elbows, a Nuru masseuse can and will use her entire body. Just imagine our masseuses rubbing their arms, legs, backs, and naked torsos all over you… are you feeling relaxed and excited yet?

Our Nuru massage can also be experienced by partners. Think of how much fun you and your date can have while being teased and pampered by a group of sexy Nuru masseuses!

What You Can Expect

Only the best. We make it a point to put our clients’ satisfaction as our utmost priority. Paradise Tantric Massage London promises to give a very tailored, private experience to every one of our clients. From start to finish, you’ll definitely feel that the entire experience will be centred on you.

It all starts with a one-on-one consult. After choosing the tantric masseuse (or masseuses) or your choice, you will get to talk to them about what physical or sexual problems you might be encountering, what kind of massage you hope to feel, and any other personal concern or want that you have. Do feel free to open up to your masseuse about what ails you. It’s best to be open with your chosen masseuse, as they can only give you what you want when you communicate it with them.

After your consultation, you’ll then be asked to clean yourself off with a bath. You can choose between a quick hot shower or a relaxing warm bath in a luxurious tub. Bathing will get you ready for the main event, which is the nude massage. This is the beginning of your body’s relaxation.
To further ready yourself for the massage, you will then be guided by your chosen tantric goddess into some simple yoga breathing exercises. This step will calm you and will open your senses to what’s coming next.

The next step is the start of your sensual tantric massage. Once you are fully naked and comfortable, your tantric goddess will then smooth fragrant massage oil all over your body. We advise you to savour the euphoric combination of the lulling fragrance and serene music, as this will help you immerse yourself deeper into the wonderful experience.

Once the oil has been slathered all over your body, the tantalizing, erotic nude tantric massage will begin. Make sure to communicate with your tantric goddess throughout the massage. It’s best to tell them what feels good for you, or if the massage needs to be gentler or harder. Remember: the experience is all about you, so make sure your wants are heard.

Whatever desire you may have, your tantric goddess will be ready to deliver.

Choose Your Tantric Goddess

A massage can only be as good as the one doing the massage. We at VIP Tantric Massage pride ourselves with having only the most skilled tantric goddesses you can find in all of West and Central London. Our roster of sexy, beautiful masseuses are not only just; they are also trained under the best tantric gurus so that they can give you the full-body experience that you deserve.

While massage done correctly can only be therapeutic, massage done incorrectly can even be damaging to the body. We at VIP Tantric Massage will never compromise your health and safety. We only hire qualified masseuses to be part of our team.

Only those who are trained in tantra massage can be qualified to be one of our masseuses. And even after being trained, they still have to go through a rigorous application process. As the Paradise Tantric Massage promises you the best experience, we have to make sure our masseuses are perfect in all aspects of customer care as well. Tantric goddess candidates have to go through several interviews and skill demos to prove that they have the skill, the personality, and the looks to be one of our team.

The same kind of strict hiring process applies to our Nuru masseuses. Our Nuru masseuses have trained directly under a Japanese Nuru masseuse, to ensure that you don’t need to go to the Land of the Rising Sun just to experience their unique, scintillating massage.
Have a look at our team of masseuses. So beautiful, so sexy, so alluring… and each one can be your goddess for a night.

Book an Erotic Massage Today

Can’t wait to experience a sensual night with one of our tantric goddesses? Book your appointment today. Your pleasure is but one call away.
While the VIP Tantric Massage agency is fully-equipped with everything you’ll need to have the most unforgettable erotic tantric, nuru, and nude massage you can get, you can also opt to have our tantric goddesses cater to your pleasure at the privacy of your home or hotel. Our prestigious agency offers both in-call and outcall massage services for your convenience.

You also don’t need to worry about privacy issues. Our agency and masseuses are all very professional in giving you an intimate kind of service. Don’t be shy about asking your chosen tantric goddess for a private massage in the comforts of your home or hotel room; they will be more than happy to oblige.

Paradise Tantric Massage is surely the best tantric massage agency you can experience in West and Central London. Why wait and stop at dreaming about having a unique sensual massage experience? Book your erotic tantric massage today and emerge as a revitalized being.